Wild Atlantic  Wishbox - Free Shipping to the U.S.

Wild Atlantic Wishbox - Free Shipping to the U.S.

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Our wishboxes are curated to provide the perfect gift for a special occasion. We create a collection of appropriate, Irish-made goods for you, or a loved one, and we ship it to you, or them, as you decide. 

As all of our products are locally sourced and most are hand-made, items in the wishboxes may differ slightly from the photograph. If we do not have an exact replacement, we will always put in another beautiful item of equal or higher value. 

'Wild Atlantic' Wishbox

You can almost hear the sea roaring off the coast of Donegal in our Wild Atlantic Wishbox! This great collection comes with a print from Donegal Artists Kevin Lowery, our very popular Mcnutt Ocean Tweed scarf, a Wild Atlantic Bath Bomb, and some Donegal Natural Soap. This wishbox also comes with a wooden Grá ornament, and a €15 Wishing Chair Gift voucher.